Breeze Embalm- Fresh Pepper (single)

In anticipation of the release of his upcoming Embalming Fluid mixtape, Bronx emcee Breeze Embalm recently leaked a new track entitled "Fresh Pepper" directly to the people. Over some fully-charged electric guitar riffs and a rising tide of crowd chants, Breeze adds fuel to the track's already fiery feel by spitting line after line of amplified lyrics. The young lyricist skillfully makes the most of the brief, but brilliantly executed, single by gripping his listeners by the collar and refusing to let up on his lyrical barrage until the last note has sounded. "Fresh Pepper" is a dope combination of sharp rhymes and a high energy track that should definitely place the name Breeze Embalm firmly on the list of hip hop's rising stars.

Make sure to download your free copy of "Fresh Pepper" from Soundcloud as the single, unfortunately, will not be included on the Embalming Fluid mixtape

 I’ve been in a zone that has culminated into my upcoming mix tape “Embalming Fluid” that will drop soon. I don’t want the good people to wait for good music so I have decided to liberate this track “Fresh Pepper”.(note: Fresh Pepper will not appear on the mix tape) 


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