Aretta Hill- Void (official video) Featured Artist

This has been out for a while now, but for reasons beyond my understanding I'm only just now discovering it. Back in May of last year, singer/songwriter (and fellow Tennessee resident) Aretta Hill made this live-wire video for the title track from her debut album, Void. Making sure to match the song's no-nonsense attitude, Hill takes center-stage with a swagger that's sexy, empowered, playful, and always funky as hell. The track is straight up funky soul music that falls somewhere between old school Millie Jackson and nu-school AmaliaI'm diggin the song. I'm diggin the vibe. I love this video and I love this singer. I may have slept once, but it won't happen again Ms Hill. Respect.

You can check out song "Void" and more by picking up copy of Aretta Hill's debut album Void at any of the following spots:


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