STB- Sexyways (Bump) (instrumental)

Beatsmith Collective representative STB (aka Stan the Beatsmith ) just dropped a stunning new track called "Sexyways (Bump)" that most likely won't be featured on his forthcoming concept album EX3. The beat layers a winding maze of warm synthesizers and 90's (?) R&B vocal samples over a rock solid foundation of trap-influenced drums. If you dig what you're hearing, then make sure you get yourself a copy of STB's EX3 project when it drops this Sunday (April 20th...or 420 for those of you who enjoy taking in the greenery). Short, sweet, and definitely bumpin, "Sexyways (Bump)" is a "must add" to your Soundcloud playlist. Dig the sounds.

Put this lil bump together last night. Thought of space dandy when i did this hence the pic. lol.


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