Mr Moods- Grandma's House (feat. DreZ.Z) (instrumental)

Never let it be said that producer Mr Moods isn't a man of his word. Recently the Canadian beatsmith took to his Facebook page to let his listeners know that his new music would draw from the heavily layered, acid jazz creations of music makers such as DJ Krush and DJ Cam.  And while I didn't expect to hear any music from this shift in focus anytime soon, Mr Moods just released a new instrumental entitled "Grandma's House" to show fans that he means business. The majority of the track is a mix of gritty drum samples and haunting keys that expertly pays homage to the great down-tempo tracks of the 90's. To help set the mood even more, Mr Moods and collaborator DreZ.Z add some hypnotic horns and eerie movie (?) samples to give the whole thing that perfect acid-jazz feel.


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