Jazz Spastiks- The Product (LP)

The Jazz Spastiks production team have put together a classic blend of jazz and hip hop on their latest full length project entitled The Product, which drops today. While the lion's share of the album is dedicated to the team's instrumental work (which draws heavily from vintage jazz music) the LP also features vocal appearances from a venerable list of emcees that includes Apani B Fly, Count Bass D., Sach (from The Nonce), Moka Only, and Ladybug Mecca. I highly recommend buying this album as The Product is a solid collection of classic cuts that fluidly flow from the first sample drop to the last snare snap.

For Fans of... This is How it Should Be Done vol. 1 & 2 by Damu the Fudgemunk | Amongst The Madness by The Nextmen | The Weight by The Creators


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