Question- A Toast to Mr. Yancey (EP)

Quick fact about me: I'm a big fan of J.Dilla's work, but I've actively avoided listening to the majority of the tribute projects that have been released since his passing*. Now I'm sure that I've missed out on some dope stuff over the years because of this irrational hesitance, but it is what it is. So imagine my surprise when I found myself listening to some new beats from producer/beatmaker Question only to realize that I had been listening to a 4 track tribute EP dedicated to the late great musician. The album is called A Toast to Mr. Yancey and it's available as a free download from Question  and his record label Mellow Orange. While I can't say how this outing compares to previous J-Dilla tributes, I will say that A Toast to Mr. Yancey is a dope collection of beats that most definitely honors the spirit of the man and his music.
* don't ask me to explain why...I've given up trying to understand it myself years ago

A quick & dirty EP honoring the legendary J DILLA.
- Question  


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