News: New music from Crunch 22? Featured Artist

While my  inability to speak more than one language has hampered by desire to keep track of all the latest news surrounding some of my favorite international bands, Google has been able to translate a few bits of news here and there. For instance, the Israeli deep funk band Crunch 22 just posted an interesting pic on their website that hinted that the band may be coming out with some newness fairly soon.

"A New Project, Coming Up Soon..."

With a little detective work* and Google Translator I was soon able to discover this piece of info:

This [picture] is Jack tml's version of "Alice in Wonderland", and the reason it's here is because in exactly one month we will premier "Crunch 22's Mad Tea Party" [at the] Yearot Menashe Festival and Jack will draw live graffiti on stage!
Stay tuned

Sounds like the guys will be dropping a new LP/EP in the near future. Guess we'll find out soon enough. If you have an opportunity to go to the Yearot Manashe Festival (Israel...hey, maybe you're worldly like that.) make sure that you check out the Crunch 22 show and get any news about the mysterious project first hand. If not, then do like me and get reacquainted with the deep-funk trio's work via their epic self-titled debut album until everything is made clear. 
* by detective work I mean I scanned their Facebook wall for anything "Mad Tea Party" related.


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