Dutchmassive- The Up Root (No uFcks given) (instrumental)

Producer Dutchmassive delves into the realm of atmospheric downtempo vibes on his latest instrumental "The Up Root (No uFcks Given)". While the track 's foundations are firmly planted on a lo-fi breakbeat that seems to move at a slightly detached pace, the majority of the beat is a swirling cloud of haunting pianos and trances-like samples that give the whole creation a very hypnotic feel. In describing the track, Dutchmassive claimed that this is the last beat that he was able to make before saying "...goodbye to comfort". And as a fan of music, and art in general, I will always support an artist's decision to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. So press play, open your mind, and listen as Dutchmassive colors outside of the lines.


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