Lyric Jones- Love's Trail Mix (EP) Featured Artist

After giving fans a taste of her new work with a single here and a video there, emcee/musician/world conqueror Lyric Jones finally releases her latest project, an EP entitled Love's Trail Mix, to the world. On this project Jones makes inroads for claiming the title of "best-storytelling-raps-in-the-game"  as she gives fans a brilliant selection of cuts centered around love, lust, infatuation and the world of emotions that falls in between those three. The beauty of Love's Trail Mix is how clearly Lyric Jones is able to write and recite verses that play out like scenes from a movie in the mind of the listener. I mean, if you can listen to "Off Limits" and not see Lyric fighting the allure of crossing
the line with a married friend then you my friend lack what we like to call "an imagination". While an EP centered around the themes of love and romantic relationships may sound off-putting to some hip hop fans, Love's Trail Mix doesn't necessarily play like a concept album. Over the course of  7 tracks (and 1 instrumental interlude), Lyric Jones gives fans something akin to an anthology of distinct short stories placed to soulful beats. Dope work sis!


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