Sons of the Sweet Potato- Awakening Exp.02 (LP)

The record label/beat making collective known as Sons of the Sweet Potato really know how to put together a  beat tape! On their new full-length project Awakening Exp.02 the production crew gives their listeners an impressive selection of jazzy, sample-heavy hip hop instrumentals that ranks alongside some of the genre's biggest names. While other group-themed beat tapes have been released to the public with varying degrees of effectiveness, the Sons of the Sweet Potato crew successfully manages to display the diversity of their individual sounds while still creating an album with a consistent and flowing vibe. From the 70's jazz funk feel of Luviia's "LongRoad" to the minimalist approach of Conehead's "鐘擺 Pendulum" the Awakening Exp.02 LP has something for every member of beat loving community. Check out the sounds for yourself then head over to the Sons of the Sweet Potato's Bandcamp page (here) to get a copy of the album for yourself.
For Fans of... The Dusty by Night Swimmers | P2P Feelings EP by Luviia | Refined by The Stuyvesants


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