Electroom Accostap- Black Host (LP)

When I first heard about Electroom Acoostap's (one the many monikers for DJ/multi-instrumentalist Orlando Diaz Corvalan) plan to put together an album of beats built around gospel funk/religious jazz samples, I thought to myself "...finally". At the height of my crate digging frenzy, I spent many hours wading through the virtually  untouched "gospel" sections of my favorite vinyl spots, discovering some real sample-worthy gems along the way. With his newly released Black Host EP, Electroom digs deep into his crates and uncovers some real burners to use as the starting point for 6 funky headnodders. This isn't some cut-and-paste job either folks, as it's damn near impossible to tell where the original samples end and Acoostaps' original instrumentation begins. Simply put, this is one soulful project that has more in common with 70's spiritual jazz than it does with a 2014 beat tape. Get into it and spread the good news.


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