Little Dragon- Klapp Klapp (Dafusia rmx) (single)

Last night I just happened to run across this remix of the single "Klapp Klapp" totally by accident, and I'm really glad that I did. The remix is from producer Dafusia and honestly its more of a reworking of the original song than it is a remix. This version downplays the unique vocals of Little Dragon front woman Yukimi Nagano and focuses more on breaking the song down into different parts and piecing them back together into a totally new creation. Dafusia's production style on this remix is heavily influenced by the new-era Trap Musik sound that is dominating today's beat scene, but his work never comes across like an imitation. With it's use of heavy low end rhythms and frantic, double time synths, this remix definitely carries the same bright and energetic feel that made the original such a fan favorite . Dope work.


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