NEW RELEASE | LTGL- Mountain Peaks and Temple Shields

With his newly released album Mountain Peaks and Temple Shields, musician LTGL (aka Living The Good Life) really makes the most of the title "electronic music" as he experiments with sounds and textures in a way that I haven't really heard in a long time. Over the course of 5 tracks LTGL constructs a deeply layered and colorful musical display, accenting highly melodic soundbeds with frantic bits of audio and amped-up electronics. Tracks that initially feel somewhat choppy soon become picturesque as the entire scene begins to come into focus. Nothing feels off limit as LTGL manages to incorporate a wide array of styles and genres into every song on this EP, while still maintain a sound uniquely his own. Standouts include the cinematic opening track "Power" and fusion-jazz-meets-trap-muzik- heater "Synchronized, not talking".


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