IAMNOBODI- Dearly Beloved (LP)

Only a few months after linking up with the Soulection movement to release his critically and commercially successful debut album Elevated, German producer IAMNOBODI takes his fans on another adventure through sound with his latest release, Dearly Beloved. The new album continues to give fans that expansive, groove-heavy vibe that made IAMNOBODI's debut such a success. But where his debut album largely showcased a sound that highlighted the trap-musik-esque rhythms that have become synonymous with the L.A. beat scene, Dearly Beloved also manages to raise its red SOLO® cup to the jazzy R&B and neo-soul sounds of the late 90's and early 2000's. Melodic, soulful, and broad in its scope, Dearly Beloved is forward thinking soul music as realized by one of today's brightest new stars. Dig the sounds. 
For Fans of... Elevated by IAMNOBODI | Mood by Evil Needle | Analog Starship by B.Bravo


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