J.Mitchell- The Pharaohs Parade (LP)

After dropping the single "Rapture"earlier this year, and recently leaking the track "Creme Brule" to her fans, singer/songwriter J.Mitchell (a.k.a Melodiousfly) releases her debut full length album The Pharaohs Parade. Over the course of 12 tracks, J.Mitchell's hypnotic voice effortlessly floats over a steady flow of stirring arrangements from renown music producer Shafiq Husayn. The album is steeped in the same free spirited waters that Mitchell brought to her LOve Kills The Demon (An EP), while also taking advantage of Husayn's gift for adding organic touches to electronically driven tracks. Soulful music that doesn't limit itself to staying in the lines of soul music. Beautiful stuff yall. So press play and enjoy, or download the album for free by visiting J.Mitchell's J.Mitchell page (here).


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