VLXL- Rappity Rap Raps (The Mixtape) (LP)

Let me send a shout to the site 1 Big Hip Hop for putting me up on the crew VLXL. I've been sitting here listening to their latest release Rappity Rap Raps (The Mixtape) and wondering how I managed to alllow these guys to fly under my radar. I'll admit, I'm not tuned into every artist that's making waves on the indie scene, but these guys should be getting more shine on my favorites music sites as their sound is live as hell. The group, which is made up of emcee Via Linez and producer Lyve have put together a solid project with this mixtape which features plenty of bumpin tracks from the duo's past works. As the mixtape's title suggests, the group uses the tried and true formula of pairing sharp lyrics to soulful, sample heavy beats to make some real heaters. Simple and plain, this is some real dope work from the group VLXL. Get familiar.


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