Midaz the Beast- You Got It (single)

Man....I'm effin' up! I remember when I first heard about this "The New 52" series from Midaz the Beast and thought to myself "..no question I'll be checking that out." Yet here we are at entry number 14(!)* and I'm just now getting around to checking it out. No excuses, but in my defense flu season is hell for healthcare workers (schedule= sleep, work, shower, repeat). So without further delay I give you the mighty burner "You Got It (R.I.P. Dilla)" from microphone master, super rhyme maker Midaz the Beast
* according to Soundcloud, this track has been out for over a year...but it's new to me...so I'm classifying it as new

I have a gazillion songs in my music library. So many i haven't even heard them all. One random Saturday with iTunes on shuffle, Busta Rhymes "Turn Me Up Some" comes on and had me in a zone. Hit my mans DJ Maestro of PanikVision for the intrumental, and soon after "You Got It". Gift Revolver pulled the artistic approach to a classic MidaZ photo with this weeks art.
-Midaz the Beast 


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