Digi Crates Radio- Something For 420 (mix)

Listen...I do NOT smoke weed. I'm not even about to pretend like I get down like that. However, if I did smoke weed* I imagine that I would really like to hear something like Bob Marley's Legend album or some Al Green while I was getting high. But, according to this new "Something For 420" mix from Digi Crates Radio, I'm clearly waaay off base. It seems that some grimey, NYC hood shit is the move to make when it comes to getting smoked out. This mix is 35+ minutes of straight up hip hop from rhyme makers such as Prodigy (of Mobb De...hell you know who I'm talking about), Smoovth, Rozewood, Milano (of D.I.T.C. fame), Hus Kingpin, Mayhem Lauren and many more. Admittedly, the vibe still remains kinda chill with names like 9th Wonder, The Beatminerz, and Roc Marciano on the beats. So regardless of how you plan to celebrate April 20th, this is a real live mix that should get spins all year long.
* if I get picked for a "random" drug screening at work next week I'm shutting this site down!

1. Prodigy - Hold It Down
2. Smoovth - Dirk Diggler (from DJ Premier Show "Live From Headcourterz")
3. Mach Hommy - Theo G (Kendrick Lamar Beat)
4. Drypht Ave - Su' Tio
5. Marvelous Mag - Life Is Smooth
6. Rozewood - Tri-State Agenda (9th Wonder Beat)
7. Milano Freestyle on DJ Eclipse/Rap Is Outta Control/Sirius Radio
8. Semi Six & Sean Rosati - Love Means Remix (Roc Marciano Beat)
9. Hus Kingpin - Supreme (P Tech Remix)
10. Ka - 30 Pieces of Silver
11. D Strong - Love (Prod. Beatminerz)
12. MF Doom & Apani B Fly - Let Me Watch
13. Awon - Get Yours (Remix) Prod. Phoniks
14. Ichiban Hashface - The Fortunate Ronin
15. AG Da Coroner & Mayhem Lauren - What We Have


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