Blakk Soul- No Love Lost (LP)

I know this blog is relatively new, but I feel like I'm unable to feature soul music on here as often as I would like to because.... well... because I'm not really feeling too many of the artists making "soul" music today.  For better or for worse, modern R&B and soul music has more pop music leanings than I'm comfortable with. That's not hate, I just know what I like. But all hope isn't lost as there are many artists out there who successfully manage to mix their modern sound with classic inspirations. Enter singer/songwriter Blakk Soul and his new LP No Love Lost. This album is filled with earnest and soulful cuts that are not only steeped in tradition but also manage to blend in touches of hip hop, jazz and funk. From the driven rhythms of it's opening tracks "This World (MarvIntro)" and "Move On" to the laid-back, organic notes of the closing tracks "No Doze" and "Bad Guy", this one album no soul music fan should overlook.
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