Ensilence- Buddha Smoke (single)

While I'm relatively new to the works of lyricist/writer Ensilence, I absolutely count myself as one of her fans . After recently hearing the young wordsmith doing her thing on a track with singer Iman Williams, I found myself on a hunt for more tracks to check out. What I soon discovered is that this young lady has been busy making music (and more) for a while now. And although I haven't really had time to really dig into her catalog, I'm not about to let that keep me from spreading the word about her most recent effort, a new track called "Buddha Smoke". The song features an appropriately tripped-out beat from producer  Katrah-Quey, who reworks a classic sample into a swirling cloud of sound and seamlessly lays it over a thumping drum loop. And though the production is dope, it's Ensilence's elaborate rhymes and engaging voice that makes this track a standout. The song's lyrics are intricate and demand more than just passive listening, but Ensilence never comes across as being complex just for the novelty of it. Dope stuff from a relatively new name that's definitely worth noting. Dig the sounds.


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