NEW RELEASE | K.Raydio & O-D- One Drop

One of the leading voices in the independent soul scene, singer/songwriter K.Raydio teams up with hip-hop producer & arranger O-D to finally bring fans their instantly addictive collaborative album One Drop. Fans that are familiar with K.Raydio's sultry vocals from her previous releases will absolutely celebrate this album as the young songstress continues to deliver her trademark sweetly seductive notes throughout this LP (as showcased on the stylish and well received single "The Back Wall"). With that said, fans shouldn't expect to hear song after song of Raydio resting comfortably in a smooth, neo-soul lane. Producer and partner in crime O-D not only creates melodic, hip hop-soul soundbeds for his vocalist to shine on, he systematically pushes K.Raydio's sound into fierce and sneakingly bluesy realms as evidenced on the album's lead single "Underdog"K. also bears her claws and stalks her prey on a steamy production entitled "First Name", and showers some well deserved praise on the self-assured soul sisters with a sexy little number entitled "Miss Turner". While K.Raydio clearly draws power from a number of old-school singers and songwriters, her music is always clear and distinctly her own throughout One Drop. A large part of the group's dynamic sound is due to the fact that O-D makes post-hip-hop-generation soul music that is informed by R&B and rock music from the past - not just a mere imitation of it. Throughout the album O-D music feels fluid and responsive to what his muse is doing in the vocal booth - which, I feel, is an instant identifier of a true collaboration between a producer and an artist. With One Drop the dynamic duo from Minneapolis have put together a rousing and confident soul set that will undoubtedly go down as one of the best projects to come out this year.

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