NEW RELEASE |Ahwlee- F8~

Here's some deep and somewhat spiritual sounding instrumental work from Ahwlee. What initially looks and feels like a pretty straight-forward beat-tape almost immediately gives way to a meditative remix/refix project as classic hip-hop and R&B verses are given warm, 70's-style jazz-funk canvases to shine against. Ahwlee uses warm keyboards, thumping drum kits, and bubbling basslines to interconnect each cut, making the transition from a Floetry & Mos Def remix ("Closer[Tighter]") into a Bad Azz & Snoop Dogg remix ("Elastic_Step[Vigor]") feel unbelievably natural. With F8~Ahwlee seems to easily create 16 tracks of really inventive, and supremely dope head-nod music for hip-hop and jazz music fans to get into. Standouts include "Closer[Tighter]", "HoFbrew", "Psalm_Trees", "Pz_mom.[Al's_jawn]" and "Soulist*".
* ...Now I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really dig Yummy Bingham. And you have no idea how much I wish she would work with cat's like Ahwlee


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