Qwill & The Soul Review- Ghost (single)

With varying degrees of success, I've been trying to keep tabs on the band Qwill & The Soul Review since hearing their impressive Live @ Dimension Sound Studios project last year (check out my review of the project from the previous incarnation of this blog here). During the chaos of trying to make sure that all of my "favorite musicians" contact info was up-to-date, I realized that I had been out of touch with the band for a few months and needed to quickly remedy the situation. After a quick visit to the band's website I found myself immediately purchasing their latest single entitled "Ghost". The single is a stirring piece of bluesy-soul that brimming with airtight rhythms, smokey guitar riffs, and a really moving vocal performance from frontman Jesee "Qwill" Ciamartaro. The single's credits refer to "..an evolution in production and arrangement.." for the band and I couldn't agree more. Don't get me wrong, the band wasn't slouching to begin with. Still "Ghost" shows a somewhat grittier, bluesier sound from the group that I can't wait to hear more of.  Press play and dig the sounds for yourself.


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