QWill & The Soul Review Project- Live At Dimension Sound Studios (album)

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Qwill & The Soul Review Project keep it bluesy on their recently released Live At Dimension Sound Studios LP

Qwill & The Soul Review is an 8-piece ensemble which brings together singer/songwriter Qwill (a.k.a Jesse Ciarmataro) and a talented collective of Massachusetts-based musicians skilled in the art of making bluesy soul music. Their album, entitled Live at Dimension Sound Studios, is a passion project that came about from the groups desire to create a "one-of-a-kind live video and studio recording" supported and bankrolled by a grassroots online fundraising campaign. Produced by Qwill, the album includes 5 original songs written and arranged by the multi-talented bandleader, with each track drawing deep from the group's varied musical influences.  On the album's opener, "Midnight Blues"Qwill uses lush electric piano chords to set the mood for what proves to be a sleek contemporary blues number that lives up to the expectations set by the song's title.

While Qwill's voice may not have the grit and grain of some of soul music's most notable singers, he definitely holds his own over The Soul Review Project's spirited playing. The album's pace gets lively on "Falling" as its deceptive title and a poignant guitar solo introduction give way to rhythms and melodies that meld  the ensemble's traditional musical stylings with Qwill's love for modern electronic music.  Soul-jazz takes the forefront on "End of the World" which features deft bass lines and soothing backing vocals from singer/bassist Cilla Bonnie and a showstopping B-3 organ solo from Ben ZeckerThe album winds down on an earnest note with the bittersweet heart-break of "Gotta Know" and the reflective tone of "Another Life" which both showcase Qwill's willingness to step back from the forefront and let the other members of the band take the lead for the sake of making the best song possible. The success of Live at Dimension Sound Studios lies in its ability to balance the energetic "one-take" feel of live music with the precision of a studio album. A strong LP from a relatively new group that sounds like they've been together from decades.

     Standout Tracks:    
    "Midnight Blues", "End of the World",    

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-Good songwriting and vocals
-Great arrangements
-Great playing from the ENTIRE band 
-Needed just a bit more greasy grittiness for such bluesy feeling album
-Short running time


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