Midnight Runners- Nights of Pleasure (free single) Featured Artist

And the heaters just keep coming.

Less than 2 weeks after sharing a new track with their fans, the Midnight Runners production team are back at it again with more modern funk goodness for the people! If you head over to the fellas' Facebook page (here) you can download a free copy the new track "Nights of Pleasure" directly from the band.  All you have to do is "Like" the band's Facebook page and the single will be made available for free download to your favorite electronic device. Expect to hear tons of thick analog synths over throwback rhythms as the Runners keep making classic tracks with their signature electro-funk sound. The duo is set to release their latest project, an EP entitled Odyssey, on Funkbox Records so expect to hear more boogie funk sounds from the Midnight Runners in the near future.


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