Che Grand- Botswana (instrumental)

New music from Che Grand! I definitely felt like writing a post about this new instrumental track called "Botswana" as soon as I heard it on Grand's Soundcloud page. While Che doesn't give us any of his signature verses on this one, we are given a solid little number that's loaded with dancing rhythms that have an almost worldbeat feel to them. What I'm diggin most about the track is how it pairs organic percussion instruments with ambient 21st century electronic sounds. While that probably doesn't sound like a winning combination on paper, the natural sounding percussions take center-stage on this one and the more synthetic tones play the back for the most part. Dope stuff.  Press play and enjoy. 

And make sure to be on the lookout for Che Grand's new album, Grand which should be hitting your favorite music spots soon. Also, if you're diggin this track, you should really check out "Terra (ZFTP edit) which Che posted about a month ago (here)...yeah, I dropped the ball on that one.


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