Evolve One- Ask The Lonely (instrumental)

Just came across this bumpin new track from producer/beatmaker Evolve One out of Seattle. There aren't too many beatmakers that can hold a candle to this guy when it comes to making classic hip hop tracks, and this new "Ask The Lonely" instrumental proves just how skilled my man is in the trade of that ol' boom bap. E.One really shows out on this one as he uses samples and loops to create an arrangement that constantly twists and transforms yet still remaining true to it's jazz-funk roots.The bassline changes from booming trunk rattling tones to plucky upright bass notes that sound like they've been lifted straight from a live set by Ron Carter. All the while mellow Fender Rhodes chords and spacey Moog (?) synthesizers shine brightly as driving drum chops hold the whole piece together. Dope work indeed. Press play and dig the sounds. 


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