Jeepz- Reality is Overrated (LP)

You really need to get into this heavy set of funky instrumentals from Ontario-based producer Jeepz. The LP is called Reality is Overrated and it's a tight collection of cuts that takes the raw but still timeless sound of sample-based beats and gives it a fresh feel through the use of inventive arrangements and inspired source material. Fans of thickly layered, boom-bap constructions will immediately fall for tracks like "Stay.With.Me.Holmes", "Good.Times.Go", and the lo-fi burner "The.Road.We.Took". But if they listen intently, they will also appreciate the subtle touches that make beats like "Your.Love's.Sweet.Watch.Out" and the prog-rock sounding "Myself.When.Young" really dope tracks that color just a little bit outside of the lines. All in all, Reality is Overrated is a live set of digable grooves that pushes the art of making dusty, boom-bap beats into new areas.
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