Lyric Jones & Friends Concert Recap (live session) Featured Artist

On May 4th, Lyric Jones and a host of featured guests performed at the M Bar venue in Los Angeles, marking Jones' first official concert in the "city of angels" since recently relocating to California. While I'm sure that many of her fans were able to go to the show and enjoy all of the good live music, others were unable to attend and show support. If you, like me, fall into the latter category, take comfort in the fact that Lyric Jones love her fans and made sure to put together a quick recap video of the concert for everyone to enjoy. Check out the video below and see some highlights from the show, featuring Lyric Jones as well as special guests B. Slade, Shemika Secrest, Kenyon Dixon, and DMT. 

"If u missed my show in LA, here's a recap! Lyric Jones & Friends (w/ B. Slade, Kenyon Dixon, DMT & Shemika Secrest)"


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