Ida Divine- IG My Shoe Game (official video)

There are probably a couple of different ways that I could set up this write-up, but honestly the only thing that comes to mind right now is to speak plainly. So here goes...

I'm really digging Ida Divine's new video for the single "IG My Shoe Game".

As hinted at in the video's title, "IG My Shoe Game" is a 4 minute look into the life of a young woman with a healthy shoe fetish that she proudly showcases on the social networking site Instagram.  Now, is the message in this song directed towards a man in his mid 30's who only owns a few pairs of Timbs and Rockports? That would be a resounding "...nah, not really bruh!". But by the same token you don't have to be a shoe aficionado to appreciate Ida Divine's charismatically soulful sound and the stunning visuals that this videos has to offer. Simply put, the singer and the song both radiate good vibes and producer Herb Middleton really put together a live bit of feel-good electro soul for Divine to work with on this one. Funky stuff that should be popping up on mixtapes and podcasts all summer long. 

....and not to take anything away from Ida Divine but my position as an admirer of beautiful sistas with beautiful voices dancing around in beautiful wears has been well documented.


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