Funk Bast*rd- Darker Than Wax & Cascade Records Presents: "Feelings In Colour" Teaser (mix)

Darker Than Wax co-founder Funk Bast*rd just dropped this dope teaser mix featuring tracks from the upcoming Feelings in Colour double LP that hits your favorite music outlets next month. The album will be a collaborative effort between the labels Darker Than Wax and Cascade Records and will be an amazing trip through the realms of future funk jams and spacey hip hop soul music. Definitely check out this teaser as Funk Bast*rd has put together a mix that's 15 minutes of chilled out vibes that dope enough to stand on its own. Dig the sounds and get that Feelings in Colour LP when it drops on June 16th.

(words courtesy of Cascade Records)

An initiative by Darker Than Wax (Singapore) and Cascade Records (France), independent labels from different continents have come together to present a very special and heartfelt project,

known as 'Feelings in Colour".
This LP marks a milestone, besides being an exclusive collaboration between the labels - it also features a conglomerate of many different artistes from all over the world.
With stalwarts from the likes of Amin Payne (Australia), OhBliv (US), ILL SUGI (Japan), Samuel Truth (New Zealand), Bugseed (Japan), Zo aka La chauve-souris (France), Milo Mills (Austria), Trian Kayhatu (Holland), and founders of Darker Than Wax, Cosa Nostra (Singapore) - this release speaks great volumes that yield an amazing experience.
While genres are disparate - future beats, deep house, bass etc.. - the creative concept isn’t. From the minor details of thoughts put into it, to the artistes' passion and competence, every single contribution is accounted for into making this a really special affair.


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