Gas-Lab- Moods (LP)

Revisiting the jazz-influenced hip hop sound that he thoroughly explored on 2013's Jazz Hop album, producer/multi-instrumentalist Gas-Lab continues his experiments in sound with his newly released Moods LP.  The album is a sun-drenched affair that mixes the sleek electronic sounds of modern broken-beat and hip hop with the organic feel of traditional jazz music. The end result is a 12 track instrumental heater that takes the futuristic sounds created by names like Herbie Hancock and Lonnie Liston Smith and pushes them forward into new realms. While it's worth mentioning that Gas-Lab opted to take a different route on Moods than on Jazz Hop by featuring only one vocal track, fans should rest assured that this doesn't lessen the album overall impact. Gas-Lab uses his instruments and love of various musical genre's to speak to his listeners and create a gumbo pot of sounds that range from soulful broken beat pieces ("Crazy", "Satori Robots") to glowing nu-jazz numbers ("Joy", and my personal favorite "Souichi"). In short, Moods is highly recommended ans definitely worth checking out.
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