Sair- View (album)

On his recently released album View Portuguese keyboardist/producer Sair taps into the cosmic and puts together a tightly crafted electro jazz offering that ranks right up there with some of the best projects to come out of the late 70's/early 80's fusion-jazz scene. Channeling the same sort of experimental music-making style that made the late George Duke such a pioneering figure in the genre, Sair creates cuts that are bright and overflowing with electronic touches, but still manage to remain rooted in the field of jazz. On the album's opener "Ship Castle" Sair's keyboard work dances wildly in the forefront, but the rest of the instruments do more than loop endlessly in the background. Instruments swirls around and interact with one another as though they are being manipulated by a band full of musicians, not just a single man. That same fluid feel shines through for the rest of the album, particularly on the songs "Mornings", "City Flavor" and my personal favorite "Quick Note". In fact, I think that it's this quality that sets View apart from it's contemporaries in the chillwave/synthwave scene- this isn't imitation, this is a genuine progression of something that was started years ago. Admittedly, this album won't be for everyone. Many will probably have trouble getting past Sair's heavy use of synthesizers and the album's general absence of anything resembling a natural acoustic note. But for fans of fusion-jazz and electro-funk, View will be right up your alley.
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