Gabriel Garzón-Montano- Bishouné: Alma del Huila (EP)

Many of you may already be familiar with the music of Gabriel Garzón-Montano, but I only recently became familiar with his work after hearing his single "Pour Maman" on a newly released mixtape from producer/DJ Bolts (here). That single, with its relaxed atmospheres and infectious arrangement, drew me to preview and then immediately purchase Garzón-Montano's debut album Bishouné: Alma del Huila The album is hard to categorize as it sort of has the color and feel of a straight forward commercial R&B release, yet it also has that deeply introspective quality that makes for beautiful soul music that stands the test of time. Cuts like "Everything is Everything" and the insanely catchy "Keep on Running" have memorable grooves and vaporous melodies that seem to be custom made for radio play, yet still have reflective moods that keep them from coming across as standard pop music fare. Venturing into the realm of the cerebral, Garzón-Montano channels a more psychedelic sound on the spirited single "Naeja" and the aforementioned "Pour Maman" and arrives at outstanding results. Bishouné: Alma del Huila is bright, it's dark, it's soulful, it's jazzy, it's funky....but above all it's an amazing listen. Press play and dig the sounds.
For Fans of... A Love Surreal by Bilal | Electric Wire Hustle by Electric Wire Hustle | Mo Kolours by Mo Kolours

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