Recent Buys- 03/01/14 to 03/16/14

This is just a quick list of some of the albums/singles/etc that I've spent loot on over the past week. Check em' out for yourself and maybe spend a little loot too....

...seriously people, if you believe in good music, love good music, and want to keep hearing good music, PLEASE spend money to support the artists that you love.

Shi Wisdom- Intervention (EP)
(Shi Wisdom/Bandcamp; 2014)

I was turned on to Shi Wisdom's music when I caught a live performance of her doing a show with Black Spade and I've been hooked on her voice and style ever since. On her latest EP, Intervention, the young songstress gives the listener a set of really personal, softly stated numbers that brings to mind singers like Frank Ocean or James Fauntleroy during their more reflective moments. Moving music from the soul.

Shi Wisdom- Intervention (EP) (snippets)

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Jazz Addixx- Tomorrow's Yesterday 
(Jazz Addixx/Bandcamp; 2013)

This has been one of my favorite random finds as of late. In fact, let me give a shout to Ashley (@aplusashley) for sharing this gem on her Bandcamp feed. The Jazz Addixx crew consists of emcees Mudd and UnOwn with DJ Ragz on cuts (and I do mean in scratching on vinyl). The trio are a tight unit and their music is live as hell. There's a clear throwback, golder era vibe to the guys music, no doubt. But there's more to their Tomorrow's Yesterday album than trying to recapture the past. The music is modern and forward thinking and carries the same energy that groups like Blackstar and Asamov (aka The AB's)  bring to the hip hop table. Definitely worth the price of admission to add this to your collection.

Jazz Addixx- Tomorrow's Yesterday (snippets)

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Dice Raw- Jimmy's Back 
(Raw Life Music; 2013)

Been a fan of Dice Raw since his verse on the song "Clones" from The Roots  Illadelph Halflife. Dude has always been a really talented emcee, and it was a no-brainer when it came time to buy his most recent album, Jimmy's Back. The LP, which centers around the central theme of black youth and the modern day prison system, is deep without being preachy. Every song seems like its own unique mini movie but the whole thing still manages to work as a whole. Great effort from the Philly wordsmith.

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Supastition- Honest Living
(Supastition/Bandcamp; 2014)

Let me just say that I'm always glad to hear new music from Supastition. Most know that the brother has had more than his fair share of rough spots in the music industry, with things getting to the point that he even retired from making music a few years back. But his new project, with producer Croup, has the emcee from NC spittin' with the same fierceness that he has shown on all of his previous efforts. The EP central theme focuses on the everyday struggles of blue collar living but the heaviness of the topic doesn't mean the album doesn't bump. Nothing but burners.

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The Curtis Mayflower- Everything Beautiful is Under Attack
(Curtis Mayflower Music/Bandcamp; 2014)

While I didn't really grow up listening to a lot of rock music, I won't act as though I was never exposed to it. When I got a little older and started collecting records, I found myself picking up music from all kinds of genres. Now my heart still belongs to hip hop and soul music, but I'm also a fan of some really good blues and blues rock. And on the album Everything Beautiful is Under Attack The Curtis Mayflower band comes together to make a classic bluesy rock album that any fan of good music will enjoy. Whether it's a stripped down somber number or a hard charging track full of fuzzy guitars and gut wrenching vocals, this album has it covered.

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