Jazz Spastiks- Move (feat. Apani. B) (single)

Just bought the single "Move" from the Jazz Spastiks collective, and believe me when I say that it was money well spent. The track is the latest single from the talented production team and features some standout verses from acclaimed emcee Apani B. The transatlantic collab between the U.K. producers and the Queens lyricist results in a bouncy track that seems to glow with a jazzy, sun-drenched vibe. All around niceness that's a welcomed change of pace from the stark moodiness that seems to be so prevalent in today's hip hop music. Dig the sounds.


Marvin you post some awesome material...really love the consistency and quality. This single is smooth.

Do you have an email for submissions?

Before I say anything else, let me just say "thanks for commenting"!

And to answer your question, the email address is mightyburnersblog@gmail.com. Don't know why I didn't consider putting that on the blog somewhere...lol.

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