ShunGu- The Pisces Tape (LP)

So, it's been a long day. I finally get a chance to sit down at the computer and put some finishing touches on my "Recent Buys" post (here) for the blog. I post it, crack open a Heineken, and decide to chill for minute while listening to the "Radio Juicy vol. 92 (Positive.vibration by ShunGu)" mixtape/podcast that I downloaded a few days ago. And as I'm listening, I'm noticing that I'm really diggin the tracks produced by ShunGu. So I check out his Facebook page in order to symbolically pat dude on the back by giving the mixtape a "Like", when I quickly notice that he JUST dropped a new project. I mean like just a few hours ago.
Maybe its serendipity. Maybe I'm spending way too much time online. I can't say one way or the other. But what I can say is this: the new tape is bumpin' and it's just the sort of laid-back, sample-heavy soundtrack that the rest of this night is callilng for. Listen and judge for yourself.


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