Eagle Nebula- Call Me Nebs (EP)

I hope it's beginning to feel a little more Spring-like in your neck of the woods. It's a little better here in Chattanooga, but I'm not putting away my coat just yet. As if to help welcome the impending arrival of brighter days and warmer whether, LA-based emcee and positive-vibe spinner Eagle Nebula has just released a 3-track EP of newly discovered music. Check out what the lady herself has to say about the release then take a listen for yourself. Enjoy.

Hey! It's been a while! Long story...space invaders, star wars, computer gone, files lost, etc. but I found these tracks on a little random flash drive and immediately thought of you. Enjoy! If you want to support, give a lil $ toward my rent fund, or tell a friend. Or get it for free, keep it to yourself, let it be a secret and sit in lotus position chanting Nebs...Nebs...Nebs...
One Love
Eagle Nebula


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