Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Oh, Alright (feat. Von Pea) (single)

See, this is why it pays to follow other blogs. You get put on to new tracks AND it makes you feel as though your in the "getting-those-exclusive-joints-before-everyone-else-club". Just followed some links from J-Live's Tumblr page and got hipped to this new track from Mike Baker the Bike Maker featuring Von Pea. Check out the official word from Mike below and then dig the sounds for yourself.

I've been holding onto this one for a while. Me and Von just having fun, making tight music. He's spitting on it, as well as produced the beat. YEEE!

ALSO: I'm dropping an EP in July of some dope new sounds I'm hella proud of in July, but leading up to that, I'm gonna bless y'all with dope shit every week leading up to the release. This will consist of original songs, mixtape stuff, brand new joints and older things I've been keeping in the vaults.
Let's go!


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