Bop Alloy- Writing My Wrongs (feat. Justis) (single)

Bop Alloy recently leaked a track from their soon-to-be-released Another Day in the Life of... album. Full disclosure time...I've really been sleeping on these guys up to this point. However, if this "Writing My Wrongs" single is any hint of what these guys have in store for new fans, then the sleeping stops today.  With a hard hitting, no-frills beat from producer Marcus D. and a soulful, H-town influenced chorus from lyricist Substantial, the duo creates a bouncy, southern-style hip hop track that's tailor made for rattling your sub-woofer. In fact, the track has such a laid-back vibe, it's easy to overlook the rather serious tone of the lyrics, which addresses regrets and trying to make amends for past mistakes. The track also features a standout verse from Seattle resident Justis, who definitely adds to the overall dopeness of the track. Press play and check it out.


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