Fire Moth- Oil Paintings & Gold Chains (LP)

Here's a album that's a little bit of a change of pace for the blog, but something that surely fits on the site.  Lately I've been checking out more and more music from groups that fall into the blues rock category. And while most of my recent finds are revered as classics and were recorded decades ago, I occasionally run across something really good from a (relatively) new group on the scene. Enter the band Fire Moth, a blues rock trio from Texas that has that all-killer/no-filler approach to music making that makes the genre so appealing. Their debut album is entitled "Oil Paintings & Gold Chains" and it's filled with tons of heavy low end, fuzzy guitars, and bluesy vocals. Nothing but hard hitting heaters from the opening chords to the closing cymbal crash. Mellow?  Laid-back?...not really.  Soulful? Absolutely!


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