Pete Flux & Parental- Traveling Thought (LP)

When it comes to new artists making throwback, golden-era influenced hip hop, the results can be hit or miss. Many of us grew up on the sort of music that many consider "classic hip hop". And all too often younger artists create nostalgic pieces that seem bland and fall short of recreating that spark that made the original music so dope. Instead of paying tribute, it often comes across as overly done and a little artificial. However that's not the case with the duo Pete Flux & Parental.  On their new album Traveling Thought, the pairing clearly draws from the raw energy that symbolized 90's boom-bap hip hop, but still manage to create music with a unique feel.
The two make hip hop with the same sincerity that made artists like Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and Large Professor so appealing. Plenty of sample-heavy production and sharp lyrics make this project a winner a must buy for fans of jazzy, boom-bap hip hop. Dig the sounds.


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