RECENT FINDS | Teresa Jenee- Electric Yellow

While I can't quite recall the details of how I came across singer/songwriter Teresa Jenee and her album Electric Yellow, I have to say that I am extremely glad that I did. Jenee has a real talent for making the sort of eclectic, boundary-pushing sounds that results when a singer is molded by a wide array of influences- musical and otherwise. While my knee-jerk reaction is to classify Teresa Jenee as a "nu-soul" or "new wave" soul singer, I have to concede that doing so would be short sighted and not entirely accurate. There's no denying that tracks like "Cleopatra Love & War",  "Tahitian Vanilla", and "Electric Yellow" are shining examples of just how innovative R&B music can be when it's forced to step out of its comfort zone. But Electric Yellow isn't the sort of album that easily fits in one musical genre. It's soul music. It's pop music. It's alternative-new-wave, funk-electro-art-rock music. But above all, it's music that feels young, fresh and new. The amount energy and excitement that Jenee (along with her team of producers and collaborators) is able to transmit to her listeners over the course of the album's 15 tracks is simply impressive. Though I missed this project when it was first released in 2012, I consider Electric Yellow to be one of the best new additions to my music collection in recent years. Stand outs include "Caviar Dream", "Hi America", "Ode to October", "Tahitian Vanilla" and my personal favorite "Electric Yellow". If you haven't purchased this album yet, do your self a favor and get this album. Not now, but RIGHT NOW!


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