BLENDS | BLK MRKT MNPLY- Battle of the Moneybags (mixtape)

BLK MRKT MNPLY (pronounced Black Market Monopoly), which consists of Motor City emcees Big Tone and Fuzz Scoota, just dropped a live new mixtape entitled Battle of the Moneybags. Hosted by fellow Detroit lyricist 87 and mixed by DJ L.O.S. and DJ Lenn Swann, the tape features a gang of solo heaters from both Tone and Fuzz, as well as some exclusive newness from the duo ("Trife Theives pt 2",  "Late Night").  Big Tone and his new Swank Addict imprint have been dropping some real heat lately, and the Battle of the Moneybags mixtape is no exception. Dope work from the D!


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