NEW RELEASE | Jeepz- /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm/

On /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm - the just released follow-up to his Duende beat tape- producer/beatmaker Jeepz offers up a rock solid set of instrumentals that have a noticeably energetic and spirited feel to them when compared to the heavier raw-soul feel of his previous outing. While Jeepz remains true to the jazzy, boom-bap sound that fans have come to expect from his work, this latest offering has less of a "blunted in the basement" feel to them and more of a "don't stop the body rock" vibe running throughout its 13 tracks. But rest assured, it doesn't matter if you're an emcee looking for some live beats to rhyme to, a b-boy/b-girl looking for some beats to dance to, or a fan looking for something to bump during your daily commute, /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm has just what you're looking for. Dig the sounds.

"/ I'L(L)-G o-R h y t h m / 
A film for the ears."



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