NEW RELEASE | Ashlyn- My Time

Here is a great set from a singer by the name of Ashlyn Carr, whose vocals have a graceful and classic sound that really meshes well with the album's smooth soul production. For her debut project, Ashlyn touches on a wide range of issues related to being in love, navigating the in's and out's of being in a relationship, and living life in general. One of Carr's greatest strengths as a singer is her ability to steer through a song's heavier subject matter with a sort of composed worldliness- a talent that you would expect to hear from a singer with a lot more years and life experiences under her belt.  And while My Time definitely showcases a more mature and sophisticated style right from the start, Ashlyn's rich voice and classy delivery makes everything  feel natural and effortless. A solid debut from a talented young vocalist. Standouts include the album's lead single "The Trill", the bluesy sounding "Crown", the uplifting hip-hop/soul number "Good Days" (featuring King Ace), and my personal favorite "Gold Pieces".


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