NEW RELEASE | BaaskaT- Beat Tape 2

Brilliant beat heavy work from BaaskaT, a very talented beatmaker out of Belgium that I recently discovered while strolling through my Bandcamp music feed. On his newest release, the aptly titled Beat Tape 2, the up-and-coming producer demonstrates a master's understanding of what it takes to create large and cinematic instrumental hip hop music. Every track is served up in a clean and lean style that brings to mind the groove-heavy feel of late-to-mid 90's trip-hop and downtempo, but with modern touches. Tons of booming drum loops, airy synthesizers, and rumbling basslines. Standout tracks include "Ramkraak", "A Star Known as Sun", "Wax On Wax Off", and my personal favorite "Bonsai Tree".

"Once again I present you a collection of beats I made the past two semesters (2013-2014). This way I can start a fresh year and leave those beats and memories behind me. It was fun and challenging making these beats. Some made by myself, some made with friends, some were made being sad and some were made being happy. But in the end I just love messing about with music. Most of the beats were made for StonesThrow Beat battles, but this time I also flipped some samples that I found myself."

- BaaskaT


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