BLENDS | BetePete- Mellow Orange Presents: Vinyl Session vol. Two

The newest Mellow Orange team member, a Berlin based DJ and vinyl nerd by the name of BeatPete, began DJ'ing and collecting vinyl a decade ago - and to this day he remains dedicated to vinyl only. His crates include hip hop & instrumental hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, and library music… And being a true fan of the pieces that he collects, BeatPete doesn't just let his collection sit around collecting dust- he make sure that his vinyl gets spun on a regular.

For about 2 years now, BeatPete has been putting on the "Backyard Joints" monthly events along with the show's co-founder Marian Ton. "Backyard Joints" is a party focusing on new and old underground hip hop, the art of beat making, as well as a healthy dose of jazz & funk. The event gives beatmakers from all over a platform to present their craft at the creative, multi-purpose venue known as Panke located in Berlin.

BeatPete drops free download mixes regularly on his Soundcloud page (here) and soon will release the first episode of his new mixtape series called Analog Affinities through the Berlin based online-shop, store, and record label HHV. Fan will be able to purchase the project when it becomes available on cassette in the near future.


1. Intro
2. FredFades - Down with the clowns
3. Odys - Turn Me Up
4. Mass Influence - Life to the MC
5. FloFilz - Heimweh
6. KanKick - Bread and Rolls Royce
7. Madlib - Cue 4
8. Tall Black Guy - The Funky Drummer In A Space Suit
9. Dude26 & IAMPAUL - Dog Day$
10. Exile & Blu - Soul Amazing
11. 12Vince - Freestyleversuch
12. Soul Investigators - Downtown
13. Letta Mbulu - What is wrong with groovin
14. Connie Price & The Key Stones - Ragga Doll
15. Madlib - Cue 6
16. FloFilz - Rooftops
17. Klaus Layer - Be as you are
18. Artifacts - What goes on
19. Dexter - One for Yusef
20. Yusef Lateef - Like it is
21. Dorothy Ashby - Wine
22. Visioneers - Smilin Billy Suite
23. Glad2mecha feat. JR2, Alildab & Faynt - Posse Cut
24. Waxolutionists - Commercial Break
25. Dude26 - Warmer
26. Figub Brazlevič - The Challeng
27. Wun Two - Oir
28. Figub Brazlevič - I Put My J To Sleep


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