NEW RELEASE | Various Artists- Omega Supreme Records Presents: Is This The Future? vol. 1

Flashy boogie-funk and dance-floor driven grooves take center stage on this latest release from Omega Supreme Records. Each track is filled with shimmering keyboard leads and stocky drum-machine based rhythms, which gives the entire set an authentic 80's club funk feel. This first volume in the ...Is This The Future? series spotlights some really dazzling work from the Mofunk Records roster, which includes rising modern-funk whiz kids Moniquea, XL Middleton, Eddy Funkster and Diamond Ortiz. The entire selection is a super solid dose of Mtume/Kashif inspired synth-funk for fans of post-disco soul and R&B. Standouts include "F-Zero"', "Bumpin", "Racin' To The End", "Can't Let You Go" and the cover of the Cherrelle classic "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On". 


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