NEW RELEASE | Furns- Furns

Warm vocals and lush arrangements define this stylish debut album from the Scandinavian soul-pop group Furns. The group consists of singer/songwriter Monika Faludi and producer/arranger Mathias Dahl Andreasen, who together have been making some really silky, down-tempo pop music. Yes, I realize that collection of labels may look like a mess on paper, but I promise you that these two make it work in the studio. Throughout their self-titled debut, Monika Faludi treats listeners to delicate lines and ethereal singing while Andreasen expertly conducts an airy collection of electric pianos, synthesizers and samplers to compliment his partners engrossing vocals.The Furns album isn't so much "blue-eyed soul" (à la Michael McDonald) as it is 21st vocal jazz (à la Micheal Franks) with an slight electronica twist. Listen...I clearly suck at putting a label on this group's sound so I suggest you just check out some of my favorite cuts from the album for yourself down below (sorry, I haven't figured out how to embed a Spotify player in a blog post just yet). Enjoy.

Furns- The Keeper

Furns- Swim Away

Furns- Hang On

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